My Elevated Fitness Experience (Review)

When I first signed up at Elevated Fitness in August of 2016, I walked in the doors weighing 280 pounds, out of shape, could barely make it up the steps and had little to no motivation.  That changed the day that I walked through the doors of the club.
Elevated Fitness has a unique atmosphere, one that isn’t claustrophobic.  You can workout at your leisure and not have to worry about bumping into other people.  There’s plenty of equipment and floor space to do whatever workout that you intend on doing.  That’s one of the first things that caught my attention.


My Past 6 Months at Elevated

“I’ve lost more than 60 pounds in the past 6 months, this was done utilizing the gyms equipment, classes and personal training that they have to offer.”


I signed up for the pro membership and had access to all of the classes.  First I tried the kickboxing glass, then the thai boxing class and have been doing them ever since.  The class instructor Nimo does a great job and is truly dedicated to each individual that is in the class.  Helping with striking and perfecting the proper techniques.

I generally start off my day with light cardio before I move onto the weights.  The personal training staff is great as well.  I have had a personal trainer for the past 2 months and they have helped me create a balanced diet as well as help me maintain a better workout routine and understanding the basic fundamentals of working out.

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