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Elevated Fitness Center provides training, nutrition, and consultative sessions to people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a result of physical exercise and proper diet. We deliver services in a way that makes the client confident that we are willing to do whatever it takes to meet their expectations and to help them achieve their wellness goals. Our leadership and management team is committed to continuous education in order to improve our programs and services as we remain focused on our goal to stay ahead of our competitors and at the forefront of our industry.


The vision for Elevated Fitness Center is to provide its customers with fun, stress-relieving, non-intimidating, convenient, and enjoyable health and wellness opportunities for greater Cleveland via a thorough understanding of client goals and exceptional responsiveness to those requirements.


Our corporate mission is to provide the best facility, equipment and physical conditioning available in the industry and with a commitment to individual service such that our company motto, “We Make Your Personal Request… a Major Success” is much more than a mere tagline. Intelligence, Integrity, and Intensity are our three core values and all of our activities are driven by an overriding sense of commitment from our staff in applying these values to ensure first-class service and unparalleled results to our clients.

Services & Features

Our services include a wide variety of physical conditioning, nutrition plans, and mentoring sessions to help our membership achieve their health goals. The training services are implemented in two primary forms: 1) independent personal training with a staff member for strength and conditioning and 2) group sessions with other members for weight loss and body toning. Both forms are designed to help the member improve his or her physical strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular sustainability. Whatever the member’s goals, Elevated Fitness offers the means to get them there. We offer numerous opportunities within our training, nutrition and mentoring programs to enable our staff to tailor a fitness program that satisfies each customer’s individual needs. The staff members are highly-trained and eager to provide an array of services as customer needs may require; however, they are exceptionally proficient in their ability to provide strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training.

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Our history

Elevated Fitness Center was established in 2012 and has been a leader in physical training and nutrition for the greater Cleveland community for the last five years. Knowing that a productive society depends on the mental and physical health of all those who comprise it, we upgrade our facility and equipment continuously to enable our clients to relieve the harmful stresses of life and to improve their well-being. We expect to expand our sales and profits over time by marketing to and attracting more people from our community who value the quality of our facility, the programs and amenities we offer, and the exceptional service we provide.

Our history

Our history

Our history

Our history

I am Eugene Venable, current owner of Elevated Fitness Center. Physical fitness has always been a very important part of my life and my top priority every day. I am transitioning from a career in public service where I worked closely with people to improve their communities. Now, I am focused on providing an environment where people improve their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle.

My passion for seeing others look and feel their best inspired me to purchase this health club. I will maintain a state of the art facility with high-tech equipment to accommodate my customers as they conduct their physical exercise and training sessions. With 24-hour access, I know that we are the most convenient and dependable health club in the area.

I am looking forward to continued success in the years to come. Elevated Fitness offers more than a place to exercise, lift weights and attend classes. We are a supportive family committed to working with our customers to get them to a healthier place and to enjoy life.

Eugene Venable
Gym Manager
My name is Joe Humphrey I am currently managing daily operations at Elevated Fitness. I can be found in the front office located in the upper level of the Gym during normal operating hours.
Joe Humphrey
Gym Manager
Eugene VenableOwnerJoe HumphreyGym Manager
$1.00 Day Plan$1.00 Day Plan$1.00 Day Plan



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